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The Ultimate Guide to Saving on Health Insurance


The most valuable guide to getting a better health benefits package — all at a lower price point.

This informative toolkit features five easy to follow tips, expert knowledge, and modern statistics  all organized to deliver you a comprehensive and unparalleled outline for saving money on your company health insurance and ensuring employee satisfaction.

Most companies claim to recognize their employees as their strongest asset, but those intentions don't always translate to their benefits structure. This guide is designed to empower business owners, HR professionals, and employees themselves to help change this  and all for free.

Here are five ways you can reduce your company’s Health Benefit expenses right now and in the years to come: download the full guide.

Here's what's inside:

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Group Health Insurance Policy 101

You might be surprised by the number of business owners who don’t think purchasing a Group Health Insurance Policy is an option for their growing businesses. In this segment, we'll outline points to consider when choosing the structure for your employee benefits packages.

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Health Savings Account: Pros and Cons

A Health Savings Account (HSA) offers the opportunity for your employees to save money while paying for health care expenses. There are many advantages to having an HSA for your employees  we'd like to share a few.

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Alternative Funding Arrangements

There are two ways that an employer can structure their company's health insurance plan: Fully-Funded and Self-Funded. Let's determine if you have the right one.

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Shopping Around

Shopping around is another concept that sounds intuitive, but many businesses don’t complete their due diligence at every renewal period to see what other insurance carriers are offering. Here's what you need to consider.

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Using a Health Insurance Broker

Choosing the right health insurance broker can save you tens of thousands of dollars in premiums on your health insurance plan year after year. We've outlined the key qualities every broker needs.

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